1. When will the Beer Mile occur?  7pm on Tuesday, October 4, 2016
  2. Where will the Beer Mile occur?  Soapstone Valley trail
How you walk from Van Ness metro stn to the Soapstone Valley trail

How you walk from Van Ness metro stn to the Soapstone Valley trail

3.  Is there parking?  We encourage taking the metro to binge drinking events.  But if you opt to drive, there is not parking at the trail head.  The best option is to convene at Julian’s house, approx. 0.6 miles away, and walk or trot over.  To facilitate the carriage of the beer, a single vehicle will transport everyone’s beer (metro-goers can carry their beer discretely in backpacks).

Julian's house, and how to get to the Soapstone Valley trailhead

Julian’s house, and how to get to the Soapstone Valley trailhead

4.  So, this Beer Mile doesn’t go around a track?  Wussies have gotten away with a lot over the years, but needn’t press their luck.  The top portion of the Soapstone is a wide, relatively flat and groomed double-track, easily accessible from the metro, and a sensible choice for this year’s BM.  The course will be 4 consecutive one-quarter mile out-and-backs preceded by a beer drunken within a single Drinking Station.

5.  What are the rules?  For those of you who did the Donut Run, you may recall that the RD allowed for competitors to take some liberties with the classic structure of the event, although these liberties were taken into account during the awarding of prizes.  The Real Prize goes to male and female competitors who drink a beer while confined to the Drinking Station and run the quarter mile (repeat 4 times), with no puking.  Puking requires a penalty lap, no exceptions.  This is approximately the 17th Beer Mile I have organized, and I’ll admit that there has always been a ‘Cali Clause’ that permits females and males no taller than 5’6 to drink 2 pinot grigios while completing the full mile (drinking not confined to Drinking Stations).  There has also been a ‘Momma Jill clause’ for seniors aged 65+ to drink 2 beers and complete 1 mile (drinking also not confined to Drinking Stations).  Jared will be scouting for rules violations.

6.  Prizes? Yes.

7.  What does a hoard of drunken BMers do after the event?  Cleveland Park Bar & Grill is a short trot/longish walk away.

8. Registration?  Please email Martha at marmot4281@gmail.com.  Please let her know whether you plan to be a ‘real’ Beer Mile or will be doing a version of your own creation.  Do to the nature of the course, the number of runners may have to be capped to avoid a stampede.

9.  What do I need to bring?  A light!!!!  Very important.  BYOB.  If you’re Joe Clapper, someone to count your laps for you.

10.  Any other tips?  We learned from Robin not to eat apples beforehand.


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