From its humble beginnings as a small group of friends who had a standing “date” for a Tuesday night run and dinner, WUS has grown to the unwieldy beast of its present form. It seems inevitable that in such a large group of independently minded individuals, splinter factions should form. One splinter faction to have formed of late is the Frisco Ultra Contingent. The Frisco Ultra Contingent, or FUC, gathers irregularly in Frisco, CO, for activities that center on skiing, hot tubbing, stealing shopping carts and the consumption of adult beverages.

FUCers Prepare. Thank you, WalMart.

Kerry is the original FUCer, and hosts the entire group at her primary Frisco abode. As the matriarch of the group, Kerry is known within the group as the Mother FUCer.

The FUCers' method for getting up hills is far superior to that of the WUSsies.

We honored the customs and traditions of our WUS forbearers with pizza and beer at the Backcountry Brewery on the WUS sabbath, Tuesday night. However, the FUCers do not limit such activities to Tuesdays. Or nights.

A FUCer Tradition

In further keeping with WUS traditions, Sean talked about going for a run every day. One day, he did (purported) go for his long spoken-of run. And there was much rejoicing.

Bonus points to you if you can spot Sean in this picture.

Overall, the FUCers showed true WUS spirit, and soldiered on through sunny days, blue skies and excellent snow.

Bill demonstrates the FUCer work ethic.



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