Today was the 2011 Potomac Heritage 50k and another notch was added to the WUS belt of wins.  Warm sunny weather and colorful trees provided pleasant conditions for all of the runners.  Keith Knipling won handily in an unofficial time of 4:49.  Keith stayed on course and opted not to include any race “challenges” into his run.  4th place finisher and WUS up-and-comer JLD ran a respectable time, considering he did in fact run off course.  Fortunately JLD opted to include challenges into his run which may or may not have helped him secure a fourth place finish, though we’re not entirely sure because at this point we don’t know his actual finish time.

Here is Doug interviewing Keith at the finish line, probing deeply with questions.

And here is JLD, cold chillin’ on Kerry’s cozy backyard patio.


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