WUS celebrates 10 years of drinking beer, not getting arrested, and fitting in some running in there

Shiela and Brienne enjoy the post-race high

Sheila and Brienne ride the post-race buzz

The Woodley Ultra Society running club has survived since 2006, owing to the strength of its core principle: trail running should be fun.  And preferably combined with tasty beverages and gooey pizza, in an establishment where the staff knows us well enough to not care that we stink.

The Beer Mile is a sacred WUSsie tradition

The Beer Mile is a sacred WUSsie rite of passage

Recognizing the importance of beverages in the history of WUS, we celebrated the tin anniversary with a Beer Mile, trail-style.  Kerry O. and Kirstin attended as the sole representatives of the original WUS group, which has mostly scattered to other nationally recognized trail running meccas like Bend, Frisco, and….Alexandria.

Kerry enjoys WUS much more now that she got rid of all the free-loaders

Kerry enjoys WUS more now that she got rid of all the freeloaders

The high turnover of WUSsies means that newcomers are often the lifeblood of the club, and it was fitting that the Mile winners were both newbies.  Trevor B., WUS’s latest pride and joy, cruised to victory in the men’s race, even besting the JLD Donut King.

Trevor continues his streak of unstoppability with his biggest victory of the year

Trevor continues his streak of invincibility with his biggest victory of the year

The fact that Sheila hasn’t WUSsed in a year appeared to be no limitation during her dominating victory in the women’s race.  But the Beer Mile is a race where the losers and winners pretty much get the same prize at the end: the chance to see Martha totally blasted out her mind.

I continue my streak of vincibility

I continue my streak of vincibility



Trevor 8:17 – mic drop
JLD 10:02 – so tantalizing close to being Donut/Beer double champ, maybe if he WUSed more
Sheila 11:15 – queen of suds
Dr. JJ 11:40 – winner, PhD category
WHTom 11:53 – winner, best effort to make it to a Beer Mile
Marmot 13:19 – winner, didn’t poop my pants!
JoCo 18:21 – winner, best Beer Mile blowup
O’Sullivans 21:31 – winners!  always.  inscribed in the WUS rulebook
Kir and Ma Walcott 26:14:00 – first ma!
Brienne DNF – but brought tasty snacks
Angie DNF – but performed a vital task that unfortunately cannot be credited due to the tenuous nature of Angie’s employment
Liana DNS – best reason for not doing a Beer Mile
Jabooter DNS – best nickname
Aras DNS – best performance by a toddler in what must have seemed a horror movie of bright lights and belching zombies
Momma Julian DNS – best performance in soothing a toddler trapped inside a horror movie
Aaron DNS – points points points!  for timing….for tolerating the drunk marmot….for finding Trevor’s wallet
Sarah and Scott DNS – best visual depiction of a marmot


As commemoration of 10 years of WUSsies, we stretched our memories to come up with a top-10 list of WUS lore:

10.  Neal dropping a deuce in the fancy Georgetown house’s backyard in the final stretch of the Donut Run.

Focused women's winner Sheila V. has no time for JLD's high five

JLD’s high five attempt is no match for the super-focus of women’s winner Sheila V.

9.  The WUS when Aaron & co tried their best not to interuptus the coitus that was brazenly occurring along our WUS route.

Julian and Kirstin debate who made the better fashion statement

Julian and Kirstin debate who made the better fashion statement

8.  ‘I would run the s%*& out of that hill’ – PHT 2015


JoCo as usual has the night's best quotes, encompassing a wide range of topics from hills to weed

JoCo as always has the night’s best quotes

7.  The night Tom C. tried to get Matt to pass him the damn pepper.

6.  The Plague of Frogs WUS.

WHT decides he made the right call in busting out of work early

WHT definitely made the right call busting out of work early

5.  The WUS when Joe and Michele were Uh, Just Looking at These Rocks Over Here.

4.  The moment when Nancy from the Track faceplanted over the final chain on the Glover Archibald Trail.  Trail fairies everywhere were extinguished in sorrow.

Doug concurs with the superiority of the new-and-improved WUS sans freeloaders

Doug concurs with the superiority of the new-and-improved WUS sans freeloaders

3.  Neal and Bobby collapsed beside each other at the finish line of the most Epic Beer Mile WUS.

2.  The surreal snowfall WUS when we came across a man with a long white beard and no shoes riding a white horse bareback while carrying a staff.

Trevor also won for best hair style

Trevor also won for best hair style

1. The time that Sean swapped his slightly-less-sweat-drenched shirt for Keith’s at CPBG so that Keith could keep macking unsuccessfully on waitress Kathleen.


4 Responses to Happy 10th Anni-WUS-ary

  1. Hey! I’m an original WUSsie!
    Super Fun. We really ought to have a Beer Mile at least once every two years. I don’t want to get rusty.

    • martha says:

      yikes – corrected!

      I hereby decree that the WUS calendar will include a Donut Run in the Spring and a Beer Mile in the Fall.

  2. Doug Sullivan says:

    YAY jabooter!

  3. Sheila Vibert says:

    So much fun ! Wus rocks !!

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