I decided to start a list:


Trail races I have done

And would love to do again some time:  Women’s Half Marathon, Promise Land 50k, Highland Sky 40M, Laurel Highlands 50k/70M, Laugavegur 55k (Iceland), Escarpment Trail Run

 And were pleasant enough to do again: Dam Half, Fire on the Mountain 50k, Holiday Lake 50k, Swinging Bridge, All the VHTRC fat asses


Trail races I have not done

 And would very much like to do (within the next 5 years): Bull Run 50M, Where’s Waldo 100k, White River 50M, Megatransect (doing in Sept)

 And would very much like to do (within the next 10 years): MMT, Zane Grey 50M, Wasatch, Miwok 100k

And have minor interest in: Grindstone 100, Mountain Masochist 50, North Face, The Ring, Western States 100

And will never do: JFK 50

And belong in a category of its own: Hellgate 100k


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