I’m a little late getting to the 2015 WUS awards.  So many achievements, so many Wussies.


Aaron displays his run-in with a labrador

Aaron displays his run-in with a labrador

Best blood: Aaron S.

Best new event: McNulty’s Halloween run

Best nickname: JoCo and Cricket (tie)

Best ultra debut: Cricket, 4th place JFK

Best Wussie road trip: Manitou’s Revenge

Best new impersonation: Aaron S. (of Jared)


Best performance in providing a check within 30 minutes of when the Wussies would like it: Fat Petes

Best performance in the oral demolition of donuts: JLD

Best performance (consistently) in the opening mile of a WUS run: Matt T.

Best performance in dating up: Jared S.

Best performance in snow shoes: Joe C., SnowShoeFest IV

Best performance in post-run gymnastics moves: Sheila V. (round-off flippy thing)

Best performance in returning to WUS after a 5-year drought: Sean A. (DROC)

Trevor savors a true Wussie moment during Hellgate

Trevor finds joy in cheez-itz during Hellgate

JLD storms to the DROC-3 victory with a dozen Krispy Kremes in the belly

JLD storms to the DROC victory with a dozen Krispy Kremes in the belly

Best new Wussie blog: Trevor B.’s Lot 23A

Best new running book of 2015: Fast Girl, Suzy Favor Hamilton

Best Wussie foreign interloper: Czech girl

Best WUS real estate upgrade: Daniel B.

Most memorable WUS run of 2015: the night of the frog plague

Worst never-ending debate question during a WUS run: ‘Is a tadpole a frog?’

Best quote of 2015: ‘I’d repeat the shit out of that hill.’ (Joey C., Potomac Heritage)

Most improved: Joey C. (all because of WUS, nothing to do with the hill repeats)

Joey lives up to his quote

Joey lives up to his quote

And some Wussies strategically left some room for improvement in 2016.

Worst Wussie decision of 2015: Boots, for giving Jennifer a beer; Keith, for starting Sundays in Park at 8am (tie)

Worst utilization of a corporate sponsorship hookup for the benefit of all Wussies: Todd

Worst whine: Martha, when Trevor made her take the canal route during PH instead of the trolley trail

Overall performance leaving the most room for improvement in 2016: Aras, DROC (of course, he gets bonus points for witnessing the JLD donut-munching monster and not immediately bursting into tears)

After being the dead weight in the stroller and only eating 1/10th of a donut, Aras made sure he didn't cap out in 2015's DROC

After being the dead weight in the stroller and only eating 1/10th of a donut, Aras made sure he didn’t cap out in 2015’s DROC

Finally, we would like to give a WUS Lifetime Achievement Award to Boots, for keeping WUS alive through the transition period from 2711 Woodley.  Boots may go MIA when she’s diverted by road running and yoga from time to time, but in the crucial time, when it was possible that WUS might sunset, Bootsie stepped up in a big way.


5 Responses to 2015 WUS awards

  1. JoCo says:

    Does the frog plague include tadpoles?

  2. martha says:

    Thanks for reminding me to add ‘Worst debate during a WUS run’

  3. I think TC and I might deserve “Worst Attendance” for 2015.

  4. Daniel B says:

    If you could ship my award to my castle id appreciate it. We only accept FedEx here. Come visit!

    Also see my strava id like to submit for 2016 best blood, and give everyone the chance to NOT see Aaron’s butt.

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