SnowShoeFest IV

Canaan Valley, WV

February 27 – March 1, 2015

My obsession with iMovie continues…..

The SnowShoeFest Main Event of 2015 had already taken place in late January (SnowShoeFest III).  But Aaron and I, departing temporarily from our ‘Lazy Bears’ theme of 2015, decided to go for a Bonus Round, and host the Clappons and Knipling/Dahls (how come no one has a joint name for Keith and Tracy?  they could be the Dahl-lings) a month later for Round II (initially dubbed SnowShoeFest IIIb, but we eventually settled on SnowShoeFest IV).

This proved to be a wise decision, as Aaron’s video footage of Joe, Tracy, and Michele doing their ‘Three Stooges’ version of snowshoeing (see above) will provide entertainment for years to come.

You may have noticed that I don’t write my usual chapters of blog for SnowShoeFests.  In part that’s because while I’m willing to write at length about my own thoughts and experiences, SnowShoeFest is really not about my experience.  But it’s a weekend where my own priorities kind of go limp.  It’s more about sitting back, opening our doors, and making sure our friends enjoy their taste of our little Canaan world.

But I will provide an FAQ for questions likely to arise from viewing the video:

A: Yes, that is Baby Bur making a cameo.  The Burs independently made plans to go to Canaan the same weekend as SnowShoeFest IV and by some miracle we were able to cross paths several times.

A: No, Joe, Michele and Tracy did not spend most SSFIV on their bottoms, as the video may have suggested.  There was one brief point at the end where I decided to go off-piste to go through some deep snow where snowshoes of lesser quality were not as effective at staying upright.

A: No, I’m afraid I can’t explain Joe’s selection of outerwear.

A: Yes, that is an excellent question why Tracy is holding poles the length of her full body.  Joe seems to have thought that we’d be snowshoeing through many feet of soft snow, in which case such poles would have been very useful.  This turned out not to be the case, and Joe and Michele promptly returned the poles to the rack after about 3 minutes of failed snowshoeing.

A: Yes, getting the friendly (and now fat) Canaan chickadees to eat sunflower seeds out of your palm is not difficult.  Joe and Michele are our witnesses.  Canaan has no ticks, poison ivy, or poisonous snakes.  We’re still working on getting the chickadees to sew ball gowns for us and wash the dishes.

A: Speaking of Canaan being magical: yes, the highlight of the trip could very well have been when we ran into a merry group of fellow snowshoeing revelers several hours into our trek who happened to be stocked with an extremely large quantity of moonshine (very smooth, according to Tracy) and beers they were happy to share.  Joe was smitten.

A: Yes, that is the best resemblance of a moose that we have ever seen made naturally by snow.

A: I’m sorry, I have no explanation for how Aaron achieves such levels of adorableness.  I’ll get back to you after further study.


One Response to SnowShoeFest IV

  1. Kirstin says:

    Love the answers, the world has been asking about Joe’s outerwear for years!
    I hope we make it out there one last time before the snow goes away.

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