When will it happen?

Next May — if you ask me today,

In a couple years — if you ask me tomorrow,

Never — if you ask me right after finishing an MMT training run (no way in bloody hell I’m gonna do that run x 4!),

Definitely Next May — if you ask me after reading Jack Andrish’s When did it happen?


So, the way I see it:

Karl Meltzer winning MMT: Not a surprise.

Neal Gorman finishing a solid 2nd: Not a suprise.

Eva Pastalkova breaking the record: Bloody impressive, but knowing Eva not really a surprise — I mean, we all knew what she could do with a pack free of canines.


Martha Nelson doing stuff at aid stations besides passing out in the runners’ chairs and generally getting in the way (photographic evidence forthcoming): A lot of people are gonna lose $$ on that one.




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