Well folks… the move is just about here.  Next Saturday Gaby and I load up a big ol’ truck and head southwest for the greener, rolling environs of Charlottesville, Virginia.  It’s been a good run living in D.C.  10+ years of city livin’ to be exact.  Can’t say I won’t miss my running buds up this way because I definitely will.  Gaby and I look forward to seeing many of you at Potomac Heritage on Sunday.  I also hope to make it to a final WUS run (as a D.C. resident) on Tuesday.  And in the future I look forward to seeing everyone at race events, during visits to Charlottesville- ie C-ville, ie ‘the Hook’- and back up this way because we will be visiting.  Take that to the bank, my friends.

In somewhat related news, many of you might be acquainted with a similar running troop in Charlottesville.  The frisky folks of the Charlottesville Area Trail Runnners, or CAT.  Today I was ‘accepted’ into the CAT email listserv thingy.  More friends await it seems.  In the meantime and forever still I remain a WUS at heart.

Peace out, my peeps!


3 Responses to WUSsie CAT

  1. martha says:

    We’ll miss you Neal & Gaby! We’ll have to time future Beer & Donut runs for your glorious DC returns, and of course gather a Charlottesville road trip some time — after all, I still have to hunt down my stolen bladder from a Ms O’Connell ~ if you see her on your little CAT runs, tell her I’ve got her # ~

    Good luck with the move!

  2. Christian says:

    We are happy to have you as a CAT! We should have a joint run sometime, the WUSsies + Skinny B’s 🙂

  3. David Smith says:


    We CATs are very excited about yours and Gaby’s move to C’ville. We welcome you guys with open arms!

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