I found these in Breckenridge, Colorado

I discovered these in Breckenridge, Colorado

MGM is my favorite VHTRC running event of the year.  This year I was extra-stoked because (a) I would finally get to sport the pair of MaxiMOOSE boxers I had found with such jubilation in a sock store in Breckenridge last May, and (b) I couldn’t wait to at long last meet Seangela!

Team Macomb Street!

Team Macomb Street!

The weather cooperated beautifully with my shorts plan, warm enough to go with shorts but not so hot that cotton boxers would be uncomfortable, and the MaxiMOOSIES were greeted with the raves they deserved.  Mr Andrish on the other hand wasn’t so cooperative.  Something about ‘work’.  There was a good bit of grumbling on my part about another major Sean Bail, but Ragan and Joey were pretty tolerant.  In fact, trotting along with Ragan and Joey made the miles tick by, and in no time I found myself doing the whole 50k.  The last time I ran over 30 miles without pain in my injuries at the end was…..was…..well not Montana…..not Highland Sky……well it must have been Bull Run!

Nice weather brought out a big-ass group this year

Nice weather brought out a big-ole group this year.  But no Seangela.

As much as MGM is a social event for me, I didn’t mind it that I ended up running most of the section that overlaps with the Women’s Half Marathon course alone.  My heart thumps a little differently along those stretches.



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