In the 10th year of WUS, the Wussies got whacked with all kinds of surprises.  Sean moving to Colorado?  Greeley getting hitched?  Boots moving up to the Big Apple?  2016 had weddings and real estate transactions galore, expanding and consolidating the WUSsie empire.  Wussies also thrive on new blood, and it’s always a great idea to bring your friend who’s never run on trails before to WUS.

Seanie’s send-off

Best new gear: birthday hats
Best running outfit: jeans with no shirt (Dennis, Whitegrass snowshoe 5k)
Best wardrobe fail: floral mummu singlet (Cricket)

Best surprise WUS appearance: Brian Greeley
Best surprise race performance: Adam
Best surprise pace performance: Martha
Best post-race interview: Daniel
Best trail running debut: Ashlinn

Best alcohol performance (male): Trevor (beer mile)
Best alcohol performance (female): Kirstin (Signal Knob parking lot)

Best new concept: Post-divorce Bachelor party
Best new concept (runner up): SIP 9am shift

Best tolerance of pants during summer: Angie
Best ghosting: Joco
Best selfies: Katie
Best acceptance of pain: Julian

Shiela is still owed an award for her Beer Mile victory

Best blog post: Horrible Prizes
Best insane determination to make a race start: Aaron (Boston Marathon)
Best insane determination to complete an imaginary race: Katie (TWOT 200)

Best decision 2016: Sean moving to CO
Best running power couple: Adam and Robin

Best parking lot home brew: Art
Best fair warning: Britt’s cake smush
Best Freudian-slip-new-nickname: ‘Jewy’

Trevor was full of surprises in 2016, breaking the 3-hr marathon, finishing the Fat Dog 120, and managing to PR at just about everything

Best WUS business establishment procurement: PJ (foot rub parlor)
Best WUS real estate procurement: Kerry

Best new running game: three truths and a lie
Best truth: PJ

Best use of a race to get people to go to a wedding (or use of a wedding to get people to do a race): Escarpment
Best question: ‘What’s a leader bear?’ (Andrew)

Best bromance: Daniel and Phil
Best bromance that never was: Joco and Greeley


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