Not sure about you guys but the MMT dust has largely settled around the ol’ Gorman household and Gaby is all in a tizzy about the next adventure, the Old Dominion 100 on June 4th.  That’s actually only 50% true because I’m the one pumped up for Old Dominion, not Gaby.  She isn’t even running in the race.  As a matter of fact, the whole thing is 0% true because we don’t have MMT dust in our house either. 

So, let’s start over…  Speaking of over, MMT is over.  Moving on we have Old Dominion.  As I wrote, it takes place on June 4th.  In Virginia.  In Woodstock, Virginia.  Two weeks from four days from now.  I pen this post as an assembly to WUS troops.  Gather your Gus.  Fill your water bottles.  Load your salt pills.  Air-dry your Crimson T.  And Bodyglide your thighs.    Back to the mountains, we ride!

Or, well, at least I do.  And Keith.  And Sean.  Any maybe another WUS with really big sideburns who likes to take pictures but I’m not going to say who it is.

Who else has considered chasing after the silver buckle that is the Country’s second oldest 100 mile cross country run?  If you like silver, like me, then you’ll like the Old Dominion.  The buckle is the best on the market.  Go git one!  At your computer, log on to W-W-W DOT olddominonrun DOT O-R-G and register today!


3 Responses to Come hither. Drinketh from the WUS cup.

  1. Bobby says:

    I think I’m more excited for OD this year then I was last year… and last year I was getting ready to run it as my first 100! There is gonna be some serious competition out there, both for the men and women. OD is makin’ a comeback! And since it sounds like Sideburns will be running, I better charge up the camera batteries and get ready to document the crimson tide that will soon sweep Fort Valley. In the words of Tommy C: “See youz guyz out there”

  2. nealgorman says:

    OD = WUS vs. Leesburg Mafia?
    Which team will Sean support?
    Will there be donuts at the start?
    Will Sideburns run?
    Will it be a hot year?
    How many runners will finish in daylight?
    Will a female runner finish in daylight???
    Will Quatro bail on his wedding plans and come to OD instead?
    Will Martha be there?
    Will Martha see a bear?
    Will Bobby get a nipple shot?
    Too many possibilities…brain…shutting down…

  3. martha says:

    I’m afraid Alice & Isabella arrive from Italy on Saturday the 4th and I am at their beck and call. Of course, their directive could certainly be ‘Please, we want to learn about American Sports — take us to your woods and show us the bloody nipples and black toenails!’

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