For the fifth year in a row, I took pictures at the VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon. Here are a few favorites.

Ragan, who would go on to finish in 2nd place, runs through the woods after the Do Loop.

Martha and Eliza ran shoulder to shoulder for most of the race. Shortly after this picture, Martha would pass Eliza, and go on to win the race.

Another racer tried to pass Mackenzie at the last minute. But she tried to pass on the wrong side. She should have known the WUSsies have elbows, and aren't afraid to use them!



8 Responses to Women’s Half Marathon Pictures

  1. Neal Gorman says:

    WUS domination. Great pics, Aaron! You sure know how to make the ladies smile.

  2. Doug says:

    Great job WUSsies! Martha, Ragan, Mackenzie, Robin, Kirstin and Tracy. Nice WUS showing.
    Nice pics Aaron.

  3. TCal says:

    What, no belly shots, Nelson?

  4. Kirstin says:

    Hurrah for WUS women!

  5. martha says:

    T, I don’t think I was running fast enough to get the upwards shirt crawl — that requires some wind resistance and extra hip movement.

  6. TCal says:

    No, that’s not it. In the middle pic of your latest post, you look like you’re movin’ along at a pretty good clip, but your belly is well hidden beneath that long, baggy ultra runner shirt. I think it’s your new fashion sense, which is pretty much the same as your old fashion sense. You need to find someone to take you shopping.

  7. martha says:

    I think my abs got shy when they saw Eliza’s and Ragan’s and decided to just hide out for the day.

  8. TCal says:

    What abs?

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