we want donuts!

we want DONUTS!


Donut Run of Champions 3 (‘HalloWUS’)

October 27, 2015


dupont circle

the calm before the storm


12-donut/10k ‘Powerass’ division


JLD, repeat Donut King

Jonathan Loewus-Deitch (1:15:07) [and managed to not poop in any yards]

6-donut/10k ‘Classic’ division (men)

Sean Andrish (1:15:07) [ate 10 for good measure]

Jared Seiberg (1:45:28) 

Jeff Reed (1:45:28) [remarkable time given his mid-race visit to Good Guys]

6-donut/10k ‘Classic’ division (women)

Robin Watkins (1:19:04 gun time/1:18:55 chip time)

Cecily Garber (1:24:57)

Aras contributed with 1/10th of a donut

Aras contributed with 1/10th of 1 donut

6-donut Connecticut Ave baby stroller division

Julian + Aras Jamison (46:42)

6-donut Full course (in)/Connecticut Ave (return trip) division

Adam Watkins (1:05:05)

9-donut + concoct your own 10k course division

Tom McNulty (1:19:04)

3-donut + lots of variations on course division

Sarah and Scott knew they could take liberties with the RD

Sarah & Scott knew they could show up whenever they wanted and take their merry time, since Sarah’s had an in with the RD ever since she saved her ass in Vietnam (’04, not ’68)

Liana (aka, girl who married JLD after being impressed with his donut eating) (1:19:04 gun time/1:18:55 chip time)

Bobby G (not to be confused with the Bobby G of paleo/crossfit/underwear fame; the NEW Bobby G is our fresh-from-Amherst NIH intern who runs on actual streets and sometimes even when there are no photographers) (1:24:57)

Lisa (aka, girl who Jared hasn’t scared away yet, despite being forced to eat donuts while running *the farthest distance she’s ever been made to run*. EVER) (1:45:28)

Sarah (after timing mat had been removed)

Scott (after timing mat had been removed)

Best Blood

We tried to convince Bob that, at age 22, this was his donut-munching prime.

Adam tries to convince Bob that, at age 22, this is his donut-munching prime.

Bob Gaffey (apparently JLD and Sean heard a loud thud and thought it was a giant acorn)

Best Volunteers

Amanda Hicks (course markings: first year where we had no one get lost~)

Joey Cohen (first last-minute crap-we-need-more-donuts! mid-race KK run)

Boots (water, cups, and second last-minute crap-we-need-more-donuts! mid-race KK run)

Aaron (race starter, direction-giver, timer, photo taker, general enforcer)

Julian and Aras were the first finishers.

Aras promises to pull his weight next time.


One Response to DROC 3

  1. Doug says:

    JLD is clearly cheating, come on! How can he possibly eat 12 donuts.
    Seriously, looks like lots of fun. Sorry we missed it.

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