Me:  Man, I can’t believe Ray made us add on that extra 800m repeat at the end.  I had just downed all my water.

Matt Woods: Yeah, you have to Beware of the Bear.

Me:  The what??

Matt: The Bear.  Whenever you’re running you have to make sure that you have that last bit of energy in reserve to escape the possible bear that could come out of the woods.

Me: So that’s what we were doing that last 800?  Running away from a bear?

Matt: Exactly.


I don’t know why I had to blog about this particular Matt Woods-ism, as this is only just one of the many oddly hilarious things that come out of Matt’s mouth over the course of Tuesday morning track workouts with the PR group at Washington & Lee high school in Arlington.  Whether it’s Matt rolling his itty bitty running shorts up to decrease Resistance or admitting that people call him ‘Peter Pan’ because he has no chest hair, Matt is a source of steady entertainment — and we all know that the only reason I run is so I can be entertained.  Keep up the good work, Woodsie.  And everyone remember to Beware of the Bear.


One Response to The Bear

  1. TCal says:

    Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you. The bear bit my heel at the track today. Ouch!

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