Congratulations to all intrepid runners who completed last night’s edition of the Somewhat Irregular But Always Fun WUS Beer Mile. We had nearly FOUR TIMES as many competitors as the previous edition! As always, it was a real RIP-SNORTER of a race. JLD, off a recent bout of food poisoning, realized that he needed to bring a ringer (Andy) if he wanted to give Trevor a run for his money. And on the women’s side, Martha submarine-attacked Heather by claiming she’d only have two beers (and therefore, not be in the actual competition), but decided to go for the FULL FOUR mid-competition. Other stand-out performances included Barry, dominating the 60+ age group, and Mike winning the “Justine Morrison Memorial Sip-Don’t-Chug Award” for most time running the beer mile.

Special thanks to the Volunteers:

  • Grandma Jill, for salad, and manning the first blind corner,
  • Tom, Jane, and Cookie for manning the second blind corner,
  • Bjorn and Lila, for exhorting the runners, “FINISH YOUR BEER AND START RUNNING!” (We’ll see how that goes over in kindergarten today.)

Among the lessons we learned are,

  • Trevor WILL NOT BE BEAT in the beer mile,
  • One mile in an alley in DC can result in more gastric distress than 100 miles in the Wasatch mountains,
  • When the going gets tough, Seb doesn’t even know the MEANING of DNF (“No, seriously guys… What does that mean?”)


Martha11:55Listed as “m” in splits
Nick16:02Showed up two minutes late
Adam26:21Showed up ten minutes late
Heather27:01Including penalty lap
Mike27:54Laps 2/3 splits combined below




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