Bull Run Run

April 14, 2012


loadsa wussies

Normally Aaron is photographer extraordinaire.  But this year he was going into Boston untrained on account of his Achilles and didn’t want to stand around all day.  And he had a whiny girlfriend who moans about rising before 6.  Plus, this year we had Bobby ‘So you got a new dog?’ Gill to fill in.  (Yes, that was my not-so-subtle way of inquiring who his new lady friend holding the leash at his side was, as Bobby had allowed 30 minutes to lapse without any sign of an introduction.)  Aaron and I were happy to simply be photo back-up, sleeping in til good ole 6:30am and just camping out the whole day at the Marina.  Compared to working the whole night at Visitors Center at MMT (my only other volunteering experience), shooting pics at BRR was easy peasy.  And fun.  By mile 77 at MMT I see a WUSsie come through every couple hours.  At Bull Run it was rapid fire — Neal, JLD, Sean, Keith, Mario, New Guy Mike, Michele, Doug, Kerry, Joe, Boots, Kirstin, in something like that order.  And unlike MMT, these runners looked HAPPY.  And it was SUNNY.  Ooh, I think I found my new volunteer calling.  I actually won’t be able to volunteer at MMT this year because I’ll be flying to London for work.  I will miss it — that is certainly a unique experience up there, the closest you get to feeling like a nurse on the Civil War battlefield.  But not only do I like sitting all day in the sun (I found a perfect log to plop on), it turns out that I really like to take pictures.  (The rest of our pictures are here).


notice that the guy smiling more is the one who didn't have to get up at 4am and run 50 miles


neal found that dumping water on your head was a good way to camouflage the sweat drench

why do I always do the devil nose thing in pictures?


mario found that dumping water on your head was a good way to wash away the barf

heather 'um, no i'm not running on your team, keith' schaffer completes her first 50



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