What a busy year for the Wussies!

Notable WUS Performances: Anthony’s victory at the Ring, Heather’s 2nd place at Wasatch 100M, Ellen’s Ride N Tie World Championship victory (plus 2 100M finishes), Trevor’s Beer Mile victory

Best Performance, WUS Other Than Martha Organizing A WUS Event: Nick’s Post-WUS Pizza Party At His Parent’s House

Best WUS Flyby: Barred Owl (second place, Bald Eagle)

Best New WUS Named After A Former WUS: Julian

Best WUS Hospitality: Sean

Best WUS Race Director: Martha (low bar)

Worst performance, starting a dance party: Martha

Best Performance, Staying Up Past 9pm: Heather

Best WUS Farewell: Luke

Best WUS Arrivals: HK John, Heather, Grant, Adam, Barry

Worst Performance, Recruiting Wife to WUS: HK John

Best WUS Destination: Sedona

Best Surprise WUS Bar Appearance: Mario

Best Beer Mile-to-Regular WUS Attendance Ratio: JLD

Best Surprise WUS Gathering: Frisco Run the Rockies Half Marathon

Best performance, DC August heat escape: Frisco, CO


  1. Mass WUS gathering at Hardrock in July.
  2. Donut Run is revived. (But Martha probably has to organize it.)
  3. Return of McNulty
  4. Clarification: Return of McNulty after dog-friendly outdoor seating becomes available in front of CPBG’s years-in-the-making pedestrian sidewalk
  5. WUS DC United Field Trip led by HKJ.
  6. Another WUS tries Ride N Tie.
  7. Prize to whichever WUS comes across Martha riding a horse through Rock Creek Park first.

One Response to WUS Awards 2023

  1. Kirstin says:

    Love these awards! So creative. And we are all thankful to you for organizing fun events! Miss you guys. Come visit Sedona!

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