Best New WUS Concept of the Year: Atomic WUS

Best New WUS Concept of the Year, Runner-Up: HalloWUS

Best New Way for WUSsies to Kill 20 Minutes: NECtr podcast

Best New Way to Make Family Holidays Suck Less for WUSsies: Thanksgiving Turkey Chase at Keith’s house

Best New WUS (human): Cora Watkins

Best New WUS (canine): Miles

Best Quote on a Run: Joco (who else?), playing S/F/M

Best Blood: Sean A.


Best use of a reflective vest and birthday hat: Joco


PJ traverses Lebanon

Performance of the Year (overall, male): Trevor, Beer Mile

Performance of the Year (overall, male, runner up): PJ, traversing an entire country

Performance of the Year (overall, female): Robin, 2nd at Highland Sky with baby on board

Performance of the Year (documentary): Julian, Where Dreams Go to Die

Best new nickname: Tpuff

Performance of the Year (dog poo): Deb

Performance of the Year (finally getting WUS off bloody Yahoo): Keith

Performance of the Year (swag): Brienne

Performance of the Year (in shaming other WUSsies): Trevor, for running more miles at the Moab 240 in October than all nine WUSsies combined ran at the Moab 50k/30k earlier in February


WUS Et tu, Brute? Award: Leah passing Robin on the final road section of Highland Sky

WUS Yeti Award: Sarah Coen


Boyz of the Barkley

Worst Performance of the Year: Jared, Donut Run RD

Worst Performance of the Year, Runner-Up: Baine family (HalloWUS)

Worst Performance of the Year (Voting Bloc): WUS, all of us (Trevor for VHTRC Board)

Worst Performance of the Year (ultra-runner superfan): Martha asking John Kelly / Gary Robbins / the Ginger Runner who they are and what they’re doing in DC.

Worst Performance of the Year (in finding cool rocks): Keith

Worst Performance of the Year (Beer Mile): lady with dog who ‘warned’ us that the cops had been called

Worst Performance of the Year (restraint from petting a service animal): Martha, with Miles in Moab

Worst Performance of the Year (ordering take-out): Leah and Sean

Biggest Year-Over-Year Decline in Performance: Aaron, data tracking of beer mile

Worst Decision of the Year: Julian, moving to the UK

Slowest WUS: The one with Amy Sproston


Annual Farewell of WUSsies to the West: Cricket, Steven

Hardest WUS Farewell: Foster dog Jax 🙁

Hardest WUS Farewell, Runner-up: TunesForBears


One Response to WUS awards 2017

  1. Brienne says:

    It’s you amazing peeps who give me the crazy-spiration I’ve needed to keep my swag afloat in the District. So, from the bottom of my adrenaline junkie soul, cheers to the auld lang syne action and to future WUStacularness!

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