SnowShoeFest II
Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2014
Canaan Valley, WV

Whitegrass goodness

Kerry shows the newies the ropes


Thanks to this year’s ‘winter vortex’ there was plenty of snow at Whitegrass to enjoy for SnowShoeFest II.  Kerry and Doug returned from SSF I to join a slew of SSF newbies: Boots, Torstin, Priya & Greg — ie the ones who managed to escape the Knipling vortex that brought down Tracy and Michele.


The Crew

The Crew

Those who made it were treated not only to heaps of snow but to sunshine and temps that floated into the 40s.  When we finally rolled out of the Chophouse at around 11am (SSF is a relaxed affair), the sun was full on and folks were shedding layers left and right.  It was the first time in months I’d needed to slather on sunscreen.


a happy corris



Snowshoes bring out a different side of folks.  TC let me show him how to skip and pony-gallop in the big floppers.  Tom’s got quite the spring when he feels like it.


Doug ‘I’m Too Sexy For This Bladder’ Sullivan

Aaron gave us quite the tour of Canaan, spiraling around Whitegrass to hit Bald Knob and then scooting over Cabin Mountain Trail to finish through the Sodds and down Timberline’s Salamander.

Boots hung around for a second day and her first time on xc skis.  Bootsies there was a pro!




a natural


If you slip, try to not fall. If you fall, try to not stay down.


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