I received this e-mail from an anonymous VHTRC member* and I thought I’d share it with the group:

Dear Brittany:

I know that you have been running associated with WUS for almost a year now. You’ve had some lame-ass injury and haven’t been running lately, but I have noticed from your facebook and other flickr sites that you and your “WUS” group have exhibited poor, appalling behavior.

My first concern was when I found out that WUS was hosting a beer mile, which not only encouraged binge drinking but also included breaking laws by drinking and being drunk in public.

But, at OD last weekend  I noticed that WUS has ruined it’s reputation through drinking, drugs, and inappropriate sexual jokes. Not only were you and fellow crew-mates showing off and offering your awesome, locally and home brewed beer, but one member, B. Gill, was swiftly stealing this beverage from cars and coolers. I was concerned that he was underage and unable to provide beer for himself. But, another contact assured me that he was of legal age and just had a klepto problem.

Your crew was also offering “cigarettes” to other participants, which really looked more like joints. I cannot blame WUS for hosting doughnut runs, since I myself have a penchant for Krispy Kreme, but promoting unhealthy habits such as smoking is crossing the line.


If this was in fact an illegal substance, since there seemed to be an underlying joke associated with the drug, I warn you that if this behavior is exhibited again at an official ultra event that I will report you to the race director.



Finally, I overheard that a WUS member asked a girl crewing for him to “meet him in the bushes” later that day, and said couple was seen canoodling moments after as they headed into the woods.

WUS members were also loudly discussing threesomes, singing lewd rap lyrics (“If the head right, Nelly there e’ery night”), and checking out the shirtless men who came through the aid station.


With WUSsie Neal Gorman winning the race, and Keith Knipling, Sean Andrish, and John Loewus-Deitch all finishing in under 22 hours, I am disappointed that the WUS victory was dampened by such behavior. I hope that you share this with other “WUSsies” that the elders are out there watching and judging you for every indiscretion.



*This is a joke.


5 Responses to WUS reputation as BAMFs at high after OD weekend

  1. Neal Gorman says:

    Hilarious! Brittany, you could so be one of the Pink Ladies from Grease.

  2. brian says:

    great post!

  3. Jonathan says:

    The very real writer of that letter was so right, we do have some serious problems that probably need intervention. Perhaps a reality television show can meet our needs.

  4. Doug says:

    some ‘lame-ass’ injury, eh? I see . . . now we know the truth. You’re stealing Kirstin’s spot as lead groupee, otherwise known as the cool kids.

  5. Kirstin says:

    LOL! Great stuff B.

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