UPDATE – SHOES ARE TAKEN – very glad to see them go to good homes!

My feet expanded from a womens size 8 to size 8.5, and I have finally owned up to the fact that I can no longer wear the majority of my previous shoes. When I really like a shoe, I often buy several pairs, so many of these shoes are still in the box and have never been worn. Or they were shoes I won and never wore, or shoes that just never quite worked.  These shoes are all too small for me, so contact me if you have interest in any of these (I am not selling these for $$ but if you’d like to make a small donation to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue as a token gesture that would be appreciated):

Mizuno Musha 3 unisex size 7 (never worn)

Mizuno Wave Musha 3 unisex size 7 (out of the box; never worn). awesome shoes, lightweight for 8k but sturdy enough for marathon, won tons of races in these puppies (not this exact pair, but an identical shoe).  $20 donation requested.

never worn

Avia AVI size womens 8 (never worn).  i won these at the charlottesville marathon.  gill & franny not known for great swag/prizes.  never wore them; don’t know much about the Avia brand (totally free for the taking; no donation requested)

Saucony racing flat (never worn)

Saucony Gride Type A4 racing flat size womenns 8.5 (out of the box; never worn).  super lightweight racing flats.  loved loved these shoes and bought extra pairs.  great for 5k/10k.  super fast.  $20 donation requested.

Salomon (worn 1 or 2 times)

Salomon XR Mission 1 size 7.5 (worn 1 or 2 times).  so sad to give these shoes away.  bought them in europe – rare to find this color in the US.  nice set of trail shoes. like new.  $20 donation requested.

New Balance 100s (worn 1 or 2 times)

New Balance 100s size 8.5 (worn 1 or 2 times).  bought these shoes as a lightweight trail shoe for the WHM.  some people swear by them, but I never really took to it.  $20 donation requested.

Puma (worn ~5 times)

Puma mens 6.5 (worn ~5 times).  i have way too many foot problems these days to be trendy.  $20 donation requested.




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