Best Course Marshall: Joco

Best use of a birthday hat: Joco


First Place, Male: T-Puff, with a new PR and CR of 8:10

Prize: A bottle of the Marmot’s favorite beer. Well, actually, it’s a slightly inferior cousin of the Marmot’s favorite beer, which is displayed below and is bloody hard to find even in Belgium.

Best. Beer. Ever.

First Place, Female: Marmot. Only because she actually did the whole thing.

Lil Boo disapproves mightily of The One Who Feeds Me drinking 4 beers in a span of 12 minutes.

Prize to whomever comes up with the best thought bubble for this post-race photo

Second Place, Male: JJ

Julian understood he would have gotten this prize even had he won

Overall Champion, Pinot Grigio Division: Brienne

Brienne’s classy twist on the beer mile earned her an $80 pair of pants. Score one for the vino!

Overall Champion, Beer Relay Division: Ashlinn and Lexy

There aren’t many rules at the Beer Mile, but I think team Fogarty managed to violate all of them.

Third Place, Male: Doug

Best immediate thievery of spouse’s prize: Kerry

Overall Champion, Dry Mile: Bernard

Best maintenance of a baseline standard: RD, for not giving a prize for a Dry Mile, even though Bernard’s French & cute.

Best DFL: Sean

Worst attempt to order Thai food: Sean and Leah

Best ability to upstage everyone and capture the awesomest beer prize without drinking a sip: AarBear









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