1st inaugural wus donut run

thursday, april 21, 2011

6:30pm meet for pre-run briefing, 6:45 run starts

wus house

destination: dupont circle krispy kreme (actually, the donuts will be in the middle of Dupont Circle near the fountain — more room there)

options: 10k + 6 donuts OR 3mi + 12 donuts

bring with you: $5 for donuts

Confirmed participants:

Male: Doug S, Ryon L, Neal G, Joe S, Mario R, John L-D (12 donut option), Colin Campbell (Gaby’s brother)

Female: Kerry O, Anna G, Brittany Z (12 donut option), Justine

Volunteers: Martha N, Sean A, Brian G, Gaby D-G, Cecily G, Keith K


1st inaugural wus beer mile

thursday, april 28, 2011


wus house

destination: cathedral track (garfield & 34th)

bring with you: 4 beers (12 oz min) in cans or bottles


Confirmed participants:

Male: Doug S, Sean A, Ryon L, Brian G, Neal G, Joe S, John L-D, Mario R, Keith K, Art, Adam, Bobby G, Bob N (Martha’s dad), Fred (Martha’s brother), Sean B

Female: Brittany Z, Anna G, Robin B, Kirsten C, Martha N, Gaby B (Brittany’s friend), Justine M

Volunteers: Marko R, Bella L (Ryon’s daughter), Jill N (Martha’s mom)

Post-event: Cactus Cantina


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