Begun in 2006, WUS is a collection of trail runners who meet up to run DC trails at night, eat pizza and drink beer.  Well, since everyone went paleo-crazed, pizza is no longer mandatory (but encouraged).  WUS has a couple policies worth mentioning:

(a) What is the definition of a WUS?

— A WUS is someone who participates in a WUS event.  Once a WUS, always a WUS.

(b) What are the rules of WUS?

— Don’t get arrested.  Or shot.  (Especially during Rock Creek Park deer management sharp-shooting season.)

— What is said at WUS, stays at WUS.

— For the purposes of registration for competitive events (such as DROC), a runner may register with the gender with which the runner identifies.



  • What if someone doesn’t identify with either the male or female gender?
    • It is at the discretion of the RD to create an additional category.
  • Can you be kicked out of WUS?
    • Not officially (see the ‘Once a WUS, always a WUS above’).  However, one may lose WUSsing privileges for violation of WUS rules, illegal activities, and other transgressions [e.g., use of performance-enhancing drugs, violation of scientific ethics laws regarding informed consent of research subjects, stalking Joey].
  • When are we getting new WUS shirts?
    • 2016
  • Can anyone post on
    • Yes.  Create a login account.  A site administrator will need to approve it.
  • What’s the organizational structure of WUS?  Is there a board of directors?
    • ‘Power resides where men believe it resides.  No more and no less.’  Varys, Game of Thrones
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