In the spring of 2005 a Penn State grad student designed the ‘Martha Mile’ race shirt.  He happened to also run a ~6:30 beer mile, but he is most famous for forgetting to remove the Layers in the Illustrator file he sent me, which provided me with boobage of varying proportions.  Given the demand for shirts now on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line (upon hearing of the DC Mile, the Penn Staters have demanded that the MM be re-instated this summer in State College), I have dug up the file (this is an amazing feat — I cannot even find files from 6 months ago, let alone 6 years) and am considering producing another small round of shirts.  However, I once again am presented with the question: Which Layer?

Layer 1 -- the default option








Layer 2 -- perhaps more realistic?









Layer 3 -- pretty wrong but pretty funny


3 Responses to Layers

  1. Tom says:

    What Martha failed to mention in her story is that the t-shirt designer is not only a 6:30 beer miler, but is a 2:25 marathoner and accomplished trail runner as well. She also failed to mention that he had the mad hots for her at the time, so layer 3 might have been more fantasy than joke. That being said, I’d go with layer 2 (not that I actually noticed any growth in that area, being the upstanding older, married, Catholic, Eagle Scout kind of guy that I am).

  2. Sean Andrish says:

    While running with Martha this weekend, we were talking about her birthday presents. As we reached the top of a climb, she commented: “Wow, hills go by way faster when we’re talking about Playgirl!”

  3. Tom says:

    Now you know what she needs to help her train for her next trail race. A subscription might be in order.

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